a month and two days

The dogs so happy to be out in the fresh day. Scents everywhere. Running. Pissing. Pooping. Around the yard, through the leaves, sniffing around the small wood pile, sure that something’s there. And it likely is. Or was. Nestled into a crevice. Surrounded by dried grass, leaves, bits of paper, and strands of string. A mouse, perhaps. Maybe a chipmunk.

We get our fill after fifteen minutes. It’s fun, running around with them. Playing.

They tire of it before I do, lead me into the house for sausage treats. They lay on the kitchen floor as I grind coffee and boil water. I talk them through the process every time. They listen intently, heads tilted, ears cocked.

The morning has started well. One can never tell what’s bundled up and waiting in the next minute. Life changes so quickly. But that’s okay. I think I’ve got a handle on it now. A better grip, anyway.

Sobriety does that. Once the fog lifts and the synapses start firing, there’s quiet, moving meaning in every thing.

A black squirrel fattening up on sunflower seed. A Downy Woodpecker jackhammering the suet. Doves cooing from the neighbor’s rooftop.

It’s nice to feel stable. To wake tired, but calm. The heart rate lower. Blood pumping smoothly, steadily, as it should. Sure, there’ve been more aches and pains—joints and back and stomach—but that’s bound to happen when parts aren’t lubed in alcohol. I’ll take the slower pace.

I need to because all of this is new.

~ k.j.

One response to “a month and two days”

  1. Walking is relaxing in nature and the appreciation of all the surroundings. Taking a moment for yourself can help relieve stress and anxiety, you can feel the happiness if it’s a dog that seems to smile, or a child is who needing a hug. When the body is free from toxins the mind can let us, all feel a little deeper love a little more even in these difficult days of 2020 it’s amazing how you can change your lives by just doing the right thing for you and your family. Being sober can everyday battle but it takes great courage to faithfully follow the path that you know right for you.

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