awake again

Up early these days. With the dog, the cats. The stars up in black sky.

This morning, I was ready for snow.  Crept downstairs so as not to wake my warm, sleeping family, then stopped at our front door. The house across the street.  A Christmas tree in the top right window year-round. Our American peace flag flapping in wind. The neighborhood still. And I wanted a foot-deep blanket of white.

If COVID continues, if it ramps up and we’re forced into lockdown, I hope the snow comes and comes and comes, and does not stop until everything is better. I want us to be inside together for so long that we tire of electronics. Go back to books, board games, and baking. I want to have to shovel a path to the truck. To need 4-LO. To travel treacherous roads to stores that are having a hard time staying stocked and that have cut hours of operation.

I want to bring home non-perishables and steaks. Grill in snowfall.  Make snowmen. Buy snowshoes and give that a try.

I’m ready for winter. Perpetual Christmas. A Norman Rockwell life. Away from reality. Tucked in sugar plum dreams. Warmed by a crackling fireplace.

It’s nice to be awake like this, again. Especially with fresh thoughts, the pets, the stars, so early in the morning.

~ KJ

One response to “awake again”

  1. Going deep into our minds and living life from the truth within ourselves we wait, watch, and feel the need to see and manifest the beauty of life we all want, home, health, and family. Of course, snowmen are always a smile in our hearts.

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