K.J. Stevens

K.J.Stevens (born June 4, 1973) is an American novelist and short story writer. His writing has appeared in The Adirondack Review, Fluid Magazine, Me Three, Circle Magazine, Cellar Door, Prose Ax, Temenos, and BloodLotus. Pilgrims Bay, Stevens first novel, was released in 2007.

Stevens’ writing style has been described as minimalist. Ernest Hemingway, J.D. Salinger, Gertrude Stein, Amanda Davis, Sylvia Plath, Raymond Carver, David Shaw, Thomas Mann, and Flannery O’Connor have been attributed as his influences.

Stevens was born in Alpena, Michigan, but grew up in Maple Ridge Township. Stevens attended Central Michigan University up to December 1999, where he published his first work with fellow Michigan writer Travis Mulhauser, titled Corvallis Road. Afterwards, he studied creative writing at Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Stevens currently lives in Alpena, Michigan.

Corvallis Road (with Travis Mulhauser) (1999)
A Better Place (2002)
Infidelity (2004)
Dead Bunnies (2004)
Landscaping (2007)
Pilgrim’s Bay (2007)
Cutting Teeth (2012)
Black (2016)

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One thought on “K.J. Stevens

  1. To K.J. Stevens
    Hello “K. J.”…. I am writing a new book, in the Portuguese Language, to be published in Brazil, where I will present the origins and the “Founders” of American Minimalism. I chose a broad view of “Founders” as I defend the view that Minimalism could last centuries, so between 1970 and 2012 is just a beginning. As you feel, you will figure as “Founder” in such criteria, though you yourself indicate being influenced by Carver, another Founder. I don’t think these things matter, since the Brazilian public wants to learn about Minimalism and the debate of who founded what will not really matter. Let’s get to my point: I am listing five of your books in my book’s bibliography but I cannot find a publisher. I am assuming that you edit your own books. I am assuming could list as “Personal Editions”, would that be correct? I like your stories myself, to me you are one of the greats, though in my book I will not be “analyzing” deep any stories and I won’t have room to dedicate much space to every author, but I do have 27 authors in my chart and I do intend to give you at least a page! I live in Pittsburgh, PA and am originally from Brazil but I have been here for twenty-four years. Well, after this whole “short story”, would you let me know about the “Personal Editions” if you can? And am sorry for writing so much. I hope you have a good evening. My name is John Barroso.


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