an unexpected end

Have fun before they’ve grown up and no longer want to play.

Love, so both of you never forget the reason you came together.

Sing even if you’re off-key and people stare or start to laugh.

Cry when you have to. You should never be ashamed of your feelings.

Fight for the good. For your family, your friends, for anyone that needs help, especially when you know you’ll lose.

Give, not only when you feel guilty, when you’re being watched, when you have extra time or a bit more cash. Just give and give always.

Take a different route to work.

Call your parents.

Write a letter to an old friend. Not an email. Not a text. A real, hand written letter that’s put in an envelope, sealed, and stamped.

Believe, but remember that going to church doesn’t bring you closer to any god. That’s like standing in a garage and proclaiming you’re a mechanic.

Do good work. Smile. Hug and breathe deep and take naps and listen to music and birds and the sounds your children and wife make at night when they—unlike you—are able to sleep and dream and find peace in this world as you stand in the doorway balancing between in and out, day and night, the wet and the dry, and the beautiful beginning that leads to this—an unexpected end.



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