you got this

April 25th, 2023 – 6:38 am

You may not be able to physically remove yourself from a stressful situation, but you can do so mentally. The deep breath trick works. Each breath can back you away from the situation. I like to think of each long inhale as a step back and each long exhale as another step back. Then, when I’m far enough away, I consider the situation, why I’m feeling stress, and how I can navigate the opportunity. Because that’s what the moment is—whatever the moment is. A disagreement. An important test. A car accident. Funeral. A party you don’t want to be at. Opportunity everywhere.

People think that opportunities are always good. Pleasant experiences when a big golden door suddenly opens in the middle of a flowery field. One you just happen upon as you move through your life. This is not true. Also, it’s important to remember that even when people fall ass-backwards into goodness, there’s a chance they’ve made some decisions previously that have led them to an opportunity which has benefited them. Opportunity can be ugly and it’s often worked for.

What I’ve discovered, albeit a bit late in life, is that there is truth to manifesting your destiny. It’s not all sitting and wishing, hoping, and dreaming. You must have some of that, but manifesting your destiny is about creating opportunities, carving out your success and happiness, whatever that may be. And one of the best ways to manifest your good is to step back from stressful situations, analyze them as best you can, and seek the opportunity within that moment. Believe it or not, there’s much more to be had from taking the high road, making good choices, rather than engaging in negativity.

Grace under pressure. Give yourself grace. Patience. Those deep breaths and seconds to collect yourself. When you do, you’re also giving others that same chance. I’m not saying one should always back down from a fight. That is not the case. What I’m saying is make sure you are focusing your energy on the right fights. Those that truly matter. Learn from stressful situations. See them for what they are. And if you remove yourself enough—even if it’s only a few breaths and a couple steps—you’ll likely see that what you’re smack dab in the middle of is a chance to make a decision that will help you level up and grow.

So, here’s to some deep breaths, folks. You got this.

~ KJ

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