morning routine

April 3, 2023 – 6:42 am

Brush teeth. Wash face. Feed cats. Feed dogs. Grind coffee. Start water boil. Empty dishwasher. Play California Dreaming. Let dogs outside. Wait in the dark. Listen to Lake Huron crash the shore. Feel the cool breeze flow around me. Taste moisture in the air. Hope for rain. Not snow. Start thinking about the morning. All mornings. Wonder at routine. Consider change. Certain I’ve done all of this before. In with the dogs. Boiling water over coffee grounds. Wipe countertops. Tidy up living room. Stretch. Pour coffee. And then they come down. Daughter first. Fresh, clean, bright. Gone are colorful dresses, purposely mismatched socks, hair clips and bows. She’s t-shirts and sweats. Long flowing blond hair. She looks like a girl from the late 70s or early 80s. This morning, it’s a Dirty Dancing t-shirt. Wife is next. Glowing complexion. Smiling. Hair up, which means business. We hug, exchange all that we can so early in the day, and she’s off to the den to log in for work. I ask if she wants coffee. Yes. Creamer? A little. I hand it over then head upstairs. My son sleeps in longer than he should, but he’s 17, needs lots of rest, and like his sister, is on the homestretch. School will be over soon. A few months and they’re free. Sunshine, cottage, friends, work. Plenty of time though to be kids, make decisions, and create a path that will or will not afford them the good fortune of a morning routine.

~ KJ

One response to “morning routine”

  1. Tomorrow is never promised, so the morning routines and everyday life is an amazing gift we all get, we can only hope others enjoy and appreciate them and love all the people in our life, like you do. I love this an enjoyable read.


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