sharing space

May 30th, 2021

8:35 am

Caring less about what others think, but still caring about their thoughts. Opinions, unless expressed in an interesting way, are useless. Just words. Humans have learned to express themselves more throughout evolution. Tapping into that inner monologue. Letting it rip. From cave walls and stone tablets to papyrus. Newspapers. The internet. Now that there’s so much information, we have to learn to discern.

There’s always been good and bad writing. There have always been people willing to say whatever they can to sway the populace. Get their way. Win. And most of the time, it’s by pointing out how others will lose. In that aspect, I like to take the high road. I don’t like putting down other people. I have opinions too, many of them as stupid as everyone else’s, but I tend not to put those out into the world. When you let stupidity out to live and breathe, it grows, and makes a life of its own.

This learning process is individual, but collective, as well. And the hard part is when one is doing all they can to make good, while others—ignorantly, most of the time—are busy making bad. It’s fascinating how selfish humans are. We innately strive to survive. To protect ourselves and our own. I get it. I do the same. But I also try to remember that we share a space. A planet. The air. A consciousness. There’s deep-rooted connectivity flashing under our surface, but we get so busy with the day-to-day that we neglect the connections. It’s easier to move away than to pull together.

All it takes is one step. Wave to someone as you pass them on the sidewalk. Make eye contact with the cashier. Listen to your kids, your wife, your friends. Really listen to them. Sift through the words, reach into the tone, their facial expressions, the letters they use to create their narrative, and try to understand.

How are they seeing the world today?

~ KJ

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