The Urge

Unfortunately, the urge to write arrives at inopportune times. At work. Just before bed. In the middle of the night. During the day when my attention is taken up with a task such as driving, taking a walk with my family, going to the bathroom, or exactly at the moment I finally sit down for the night with a drink to unwind.

I don’t want to write now. There’s nothing particularly inspiring me, gnawing at me. I don’t despair much or fear much, so writing isn’t the crutch it used to be. If anything, writing could be fun again, if I let it. I’ve thought of poems to write, scenes to create, how it would be fun to write a crazy, stream of consciousness book that rambles and moves, flows all over a wide range of time that may or may not exist. I want to get weird. The problem with being weird is that society doesn’t like weird. We embrace differences and we are tolerant, but we don’t like when people say things that challenge our beliefs. We don’t like actions that don’t fit our norms.

I’m too old to get weird, I suppose. But that’s what my core is telling me. Write. Meet with people. Travel. Wear whatever feels right. To me. I want to spend hours reading, thinking, meditating. I want to reach another level of fulfillment without going the standard way of religion or wakefulness or any of the other scripted horseshit ways people seem to go. People are so unoriginal. And now that I think about it, what I want to do doesn’t sound all that weird at all. It’s exciting to feel and think like this though. I sense change on the way. It’s going to be a slow process, but it’s coming. I can sense it making its way around my insides. Strengthening me. Getting me ready.

~ KJ

2 responses to “the urge”

  1. Reading this I think as you go through many different transitions in life, you can and will blow the door wide open to our souls and minds. Keep on writing and creating.


  2. I like your writing if gives me pause of things I can relate to, I have never ”fit in” as hard as I’ve tried, so I feel at this point in my life to stop trying to fit in. Be weird , unconventional, continue to write your thought provoking articles and your drawings.


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