the mightiest of wolves

Not many men write at night.

After wives and kids have gone to bed.

Those that do, I suspect, have pain. Or boundless energy. Or are so narcissistic that they don’t know any better.

Dan Rather says, somewhere in his new book—and I’m paraphrasing here—that we shouldn’t feel sorry for people. Instead, we need to empathize. Seek to understand. Extend our hand, reach, and bring people closer.


Because when we are close—just sharing space—there is always the great chance that we will find our commonality. Create community. And unite.

But what Dan Rather has to say, and what I have to say means nothing if you are unable to recognize that most of what you know isn’t yours. It was put into your head, as truth, by somebody else.

You have been taught to believe in God, taxes, and Santa Claus. You have been taught to tie your shoelaces, turn the other cheek, and to stand at attention for the flag.

It’s a shame really. How easily we are duped. Shamed. Made to fit into sheep’s clothing when we are the mightiest of wolves.

Aching to howl.

Barefoot and ready to fight.

Fearless, as we kneel and allow our enemies to take the first shot.

~ K.J.


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