It’s a strange trip. Buying the dips. Waiting. Patiently. For the bulls to run. I hope it’s soon. I want to be able to help as many as I should. Not with these little words or necessary acts of kindness—though those will never stop—but with cold hard cash. I want to set up my kids. Pay off our bills. Make sure my parents and in-laws are set. People that have worked their whole lives shouldn’t have to worry about healthcare, where they are going to live, or buying groceries.

How in the hell we ever let it get this way is beyond me.

I am going to donate.

I am going to create.

I am going to travel and learn and listen so that I can get better at detecting the bullshit, discovering the problems, and developing solutions. I will not be about dividing. I will not be about separating. I will unite and fight and never lose sight of where I came from.

There will never be anybody in my back pocket or sitting on my shoulder telling me what to do. I don’t need that. I know right from wrong. I see the aches and pains. And when the stampede finally comes, I’ll be ready. Hands out, reaching. Ready to give as much as I can.  Away.

I will wake early. I will read more. I will write more. I will walk more. Think more. Talk more. I will find the deepest rabbit holes. I will scour the surface. I will be the eccentric fella in the big old house with the pretty wife and energetic kids.

I guess you could say I’ll be me. Just the same as I am now, but with more resources to help the world.

It’s nice to dream.

To not think about the bad. To focus on the good.

And when I get like this, I feel strongly that everyone has the power to change. To rise up. To be better.

You just have to embrace this strange trip. Buy the dips and wait. Patiently. For the bulls to run.


~ K.J.

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