Christmas at School

My kids practiced for weeks.

Learned the songs,

The melodies, timing, and the harmony.

And they discovered how beautiful it is

Just to sing and feel and share.

Not only now,

During the season of light and presents and good food and drinks and forgiveness and Love,

But always.

So, I was pretty fucking proud sitting there with my wife, S.B.,

As my kids kept on smiling and giving their all

Even as parents and sperm donors and patriarchs and matriachs—

Most of them reeking of BO, bad decisions, cigarettes, and stupidity—

Talked through the performance,

Took phone calls,

And had even enough balls to get up

And walk out

Not only on my kids,

But all kids,

And hope,

And on the future.

Teaching them valuable lessons, of course,

Like patience and open-mindedness, and respect.

And how to properly receive a children’s gift.

~ K.J.

One response to “Christmas at School”

  1. Thank you for your bluntness on the assholes and their cell phones at the Ella White School Christmas performance. I wish people would enjoy the moment instead of taking calls or stuffing a camera phone in your face every time you walk in the door.


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