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An excerpt from Devotion. The book I’ve been working on consistently the past few months.

“I think more people should write privately. Keep journals. Scribble away on scrap paper getting their thoughts straight, pouring out their guts, discussing what eats them up, inspires them, makes them happy or sad. People should do this every day. Once in the morning before they enter their daily life. And once at night before they sleep.  The world would be a much better place, especially if these thoughtful people then spent time in the following days reading through what they’ve written. It’s then that they would discover what’s really important. And that isn’t much. This reality would be sobering and it should help them see that they aren’t the center of the world. That instead, they are a simple particle with much promise, useless without the other particles swimming all around.  That unlearning what we’ve learned is the key to happiness and freedom and the first step to fulfilling our potential. That our emotions, although necessary and beautiful at times, more often than not lead us into places we should never be. Mired in jealously.  Tangled up with resentment. Feeling sorry for ourselves, all helpless and hopeless, because nobody will believe our self-serving opinions that we have mistaken for truth and honesty.”

~ K.J. Stevens

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