the art of marriage

It is more real

than I ever expected—

our life of keeping kids happy,

healthy, and safe.

Working every day

so ends not only meet

but overlap just enough

to keep us

comfortable and warm.

It has been a great lesson

in patience

and faith,

this art of marriage.

And where we’re at now

is right where I want to be.

Just you and me

living our small important

life in our big old house,

just a couple blocks

from the mighty Lake Huron,

on the 45th parallel,

in Alpena, Michigan.

Looking out for our son,

our daughter,

for everyone.

Trying together

to do the best we can

to make this place



more colorful

than it was

when we got here.

And you know what, S.B.?

We’re doing it.

We’re doing it right

and truly

and honestly,

and I am awed

that somehow

you have chosen

to spend your precious time,

your life,

with me.


Happy Valentine’s Day

~ K.J.


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