the benefit of the doubt

You can never know what’s going on inside another person. Sometimes, the surface cracks. We see small tears, a biting of the lip, restlessness and moaning when they sleep. Other times it’s red cheeks, blood-shot eyes, a furrowed brow. But most of the time, people with guts and good sense and hope just keep on keepin’ on. They plug away through the days no matter what ails them. They may have been beaten. Molested as a child. They could be broke. Frightened. Sad. Their Dad may have just died. And you would never know it. And that’s why it’s important to give people the benefit of the doubt. That’s why we should be nice to each other and reach out and give. That’s why we’re here, folks. To live and help others thrive and to put goodness into the world. It’s not always easy. We snap at our kids because we’re tired. We give our wives headaches with our selfishness. But the chance we’re given every day is to recognize it—our grand lot of faults—and make sure that we’re allowing that in others. Nobody’s perfect. Not anyone here on earth. And that’s why we must keep trying to make the decisions that will build our spirit and the spirits of others so all of us make it to the other side.

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