early train

The train. It’s 5:59 in the morning, but the train doesn’t care. It’s as if the conductor has a gripe with this town. Our warm and friendly port on the shore of Lake Huron. He’s blasting that horn continuously. Chugging through town with one mission—to make sure everyone’s up as early as he is. Maybe … More early train

holy roller

I don’t need sleep or sobriety or for someone to tell me how it can be done. Because I’ve always known that what it takes is patience, faith, and a good fool-proof bullshit detector. You can’t see it. You’re not supposed to. Life, after all, is about feelings and taste and smell and touch and … More holy roller

last day of February

A man stands outside in pajama pants and a hoodie, while the yellow dog sniffs undisturbed snow under the weighty boughs of the sleeping evergreens. And the fuzzy stars shine. Stuck in the middle of fading in, or fading out, and it’s another night of unsettling silence in a Michigan winter that shows no sign … More last day of February

uncommon sense

I prefer uncommon sense. Listening. Learning. Beating fear away with experience. I like people, places, and things of color. I like different languages, the music humans make with words and whistles, guitars, cowbells, and spoons. I believe kids know more than adults. That there are such things as ghosts. And that the truest fighters, real … More uncommon sense