she sleeps

She sleeps

so soundly,

but I don’t


I don’t know how.

There’s too much


in my brain,


in my ears.

And there’s



my hands,



and feet.

I can’t stop


about how night wraps up

all around me,


and how eventually

it wins.

Takes everything.

Makes it dark.

And so

at night,

I battle.

Fight it

as best I can.

But it’s hard

with the way

spirits line up

alongside the bed.


Thank God,

she doesn’t hear them,

see them,

feel them,

and she sleeps

so soundly.  

~ KJ

One response to “she sleeps”

  1. When we learn to be patience even as we strive to be the best of who we are in this crazy world. If we feel drained, tense, it may be that we are pushing ourselves in the wrong direction for the wrong reasons. Our peace of mind will return as soon as we remember what really creates happiness in our lives, her smile and love is all that will give you peace of mind.


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