the meek can have the Earth

Sun city


Be aware of becoming a sheep. Don’t worry if you can’t sleep. Use the time to think. Think. Think. Think. You won’t get it, but you’ll get closer. And closer is better than farther, which is exactly what you get if you give up, give in, and believe the nonsense instead of following what’s within.

Stay away from the surface.

Know right from wrong.

Skin color, weight, and where you like to stick it or have it stuck means nothing. Unless you let it.

And that’s how far we’ve come.

Led around by dollars, not sense. All of us enslaved. Working away our days. For what?

A God, a hope, a Heaven?

A savings account and shit we don’t need? As if we’ll be oh-so-thankful for it when we take that one last step for mankind, our kind, this time, which is only a tiny drop in a giant spiritual bucket waiting to be filled.   

The meek can have the Earth. I don’t want it. I’ll fight for more.

I’ll kick and dig and scrape until I split apart from the inside out and radiate energy brighter than the sun.

~ K.J.  

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