holy roller

holy roller
photo art by Rita L. Stevens

I don’t need sleep

or sobriety

or for someone

to tell me

how it can be done.

Because I’ve always known that

what it takes

is patience,


and a good fool-proof bullshit detector.

You can’t see it.

You’re not supposed to.

Life, after all, is about feelings

and taste and smell and touch

and thinking.

So please,

don’t fuck with me.

I am the lightning and the thunder.

The hand reaching

into the deep

to feed

the starving sons and daughters.

And I am the strength

of the grip

that’s unafraid

to break bones,

crush muscles,

and force them to believe—

not in Me—

but in you.

The selfish,


misguided many

that have given up

on dreams,

the good earth,

and love.


~ K.J.

One thought on “holy roller

  1. You sound like a very strong willed person who is gone but not forgotten, he would say “These hands aren’t made out of paper”. We all knew what that meant. Great writing.


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