uncommon sense


I prefer uncommon sense.



Beating fear away

with experience.

I like people, places, and things

of color.

I like different languages,

the music humans make

with words and whistles,

guitars, cowbells, and spoons.

I believe kids know more than adults.

That there are such things as ghosts.

And that the truest fighters,

real bad asses,

don’t need guns

because they understand

the weak waste

their lives

prepping for battles

that don’t exist

and that they

can never win.


By the way,

my odds of winning the lottery,

getting struck

by an asteroid,

or dying

from eating too many hamburgers

are greater

than my chances of being killed

in a terrorist attack.


It’s not an alternative fact.

And if you get this

like I do

it means you understand more than

two of my neighbors,

many of my acquaintances,

and the President of the United States.

None of this makes us better

or worse

or richer or poorer.

It only makes us grow.

Brings unity.

And solidifies our intent.

We’re in it for the long haul.

Not four years.

Not eight.

But for all the time

we make and save and spend and lose

even though it doesn’t exist.

Like money,


and the peace

people get

when they are hell bent

on building walls,

turning back the clock,

and returning to a place and time

that really wasn’t that great

after all.


~ K.J.







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