There are only

so many

big, heavy moons


in the dark

morning sky

that you’ll see.

Only so many times

the stars will show


Just a handful of hugs left

from your kids.

And there’s no guarantee

you’ll make it through

to see sunrise.

So, what are you waiting for?

Where is the happiness?

Why do you spend

so much of your life

accepting beliefs and dreams and

roles and responsibilities

and expectations and lessons

and fears that

are meant to hold you down,

and keep you

stuck in the same old,

same old routine?


~ K.J.

One thought on “indifference

  1. Wow this is deep! I don’t have a routine just maybe after all these years I’ve learned to appreciate life, the moon night walks the star light that shines bright the sun the rain the snow all of it because while I am blessed to be here I want to enjoy life for what it is, the hugs & love from family & friends. When things go wrong I will lean on the family and friends who love me. Staying true to who I truly am.


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