more time

more time

We just need

a little more

fucking time

but God won’t give it

to me

to you

to anybody else or

any thing.

Not the five year old boy

rotting with cancer.

Not the woman

with her busted legs

wedged under the dashboard,



pleading for help.

Not the old, lovable

German Shepard

at the pound.

Left behind

because his owner died.

Not the little white mice


into the snake tank

unaware of the most patient eyes.

And not even the sun,

the moon,

the wind,

or the rain.

All of it is the same

and all at once,

and there is no solution,

no answer,

no way to get out alive.

So the great trick

is to learn

to revel

in the moment—any moment that we can—

because it is the only way

to find peace

piece of mind

the kind of simple happiness

that does not depend

on anyone

or anything.

Like when an overweight,

over tired,




hack of a writer

finally sits on the porch


as the world falls asleep

and he sips wine to unwind

and shed his skin

and lose the layers

so he remembers

how easy it really is.

It’s about breathing

and breathing

and breathing again

and never


giving in.

~ K.J.

2 thoughts on “more time

  1. What we have been given here, each one of us differently, is enough.
    We learn this way too late in life.
    Anything else is just a lie.
    A cursed planet…

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  2. As I grow older I seen many miracles through unopened eyes, now I am no longer blinded by my sight. As I read your poems and stories I see a gift that was given and a Author who realizes there are miracles out there but just sometimes we forget to see.

    Liked by 1 person

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