doing the right thing

It’s about doing the right thing.

Seeing is not always believing. Actions do not always speak louder than words. But more often than not, people need proof. And people are not as composed and thoughtful as they ought to be to produce a coherent sentence. So, here we are to offend and arouse, disgust and tantalize because we realize how important it is to refuse to blend into the sounds of the day. We recognize that information we receive is framed by the media—left or right or in between—and our saving grace is that we know it’s all superficial and that there are hands working greatness behind the scenes. Making paintings and poems. Songs and solos. Quilting blankets. Serving soup. Crafting signs. Picking people off the ground by holding doors, saying please and thank you and refusing to fall into the trap of using excuses to reinforce bad decisions. God gives us each day to wake, toss our legs over the edge of the bed, the bench, the curb, breathe deep, stretch and make good decisions. No matter how horrible our lives may be.

We’re not supposed to choke men, smash windows, rape women, burn cars. We’re not supposed to steal, haunt children, or keep a man down.

We aren’t meant for selfish destruction.

We’re not supposed to hate or hurt or love or fuck based on background, place, or color.

You may feel sorry for me now, but you won’t one day when you realize that all of the effort you put into noble causes should have been spent on your spirit. That men and women and children—no matter how beaten, destroyed, dehumanized—are not supposed to rise in anger, fight out of fear, or distrust. They are—most incredibly and simply—to love.

I appreciate your feedback

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