all you need is love and riots and shootings and bullies

Rioting in Ferguson. A twelve year old shot in Ohio. Bad shit happening everywhere just as it’s happened every day since men and women have inhabited the earth. We can grow and learn or we can make knee-jerk, foolish decisions which we’ll regret. Burn police cars. Destroy buildings. Shoot a kid twice in the chest. Hate your neighbor. Bully people. Start rumors. Complain and complain and complain because you’ve discovered that the squeaky wheel gets a greasin’. Little do you know that the people around you are simply doing whatever it takes to keep your mouth shut. So that you feel in control and you are pacified, like a child that doesn’t realize the joke’s on him. And while you convince yourself that the bad decisions you’re making are necessary and fueled with good intent, the rest of us do what it takes to keep the world turning round.

And so…as she calls to make another complaint and he shouts to the angry mob gathered around, “Let’s burn this bitch down!” we give the gift of believing. We teach our kids to say please and thank you. To be thoughtful and forgive. To pick up after others. To lend a hand when anyone falls down.

Because our goal is to overcome.

To rise above and recognize riots and shootings and the inability of so many to evolve for what it is. Weakened spirits. Fear. Selfish narrow-mindedness.

The day—this moment—is ours for the taking, but the best thing we can do for the whole of the world is not to take it for ourselves, but to share it. Take care of it. Look out for each other and remember that in the end when we take that final breath—if we’ve treated people well—we’ll awaken to discover that we were right all along. And all you need is love.

~ K.J.

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